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Are You Ready For An Orc Gangbang?

It’s been a few months since I published The Tentacle Monster at Number 16 (which is still FREE at Smashwords) and they have been busy, busy, busy. I like to get a new story out every three to four months but this time I’m aware that I’m likely to miss my deadline mostly because of investing my time in four books instead of one.

For a long time I’ve wanted to write a series of interlinked stories but I promised myself that I wouldn’t put it out until I had the first three finished. Combine that with a fourth story that has been lingering for a while and what you end up with is four half-finished books that are in no fit state to go outside (especially not wearing that). Rest assured though, I will be whipping them into shape soon and introducing you all to the city of Claremont where superpowers are common, spandex is a fashion accessory and every district has an evil mastermind waiting to take over. Fortunately there are heroes who work to keep villains under control and maintain law and order, the newest of which is Equestria, a young woman with the speed and strength of a raging stallion. Unfortunately for her now rampant sex drive, that’s not all she’s inherited…

In the meantime I will be working to complete my latest story, Sex Slaves of the Orcs, a fantasy story of debauchery, rampant sex and barbarism and lots and lots of well hung orcs. Caught by the orc horde, a trio of adventurers in search of a missing princess must try to escape before the orcs corrupt them completely. To give you a taster of the forthcoming orc naughtiness, take a look below for a sample extract.

Stay deviant, lovely people…




“Mmm…. mmmm…” was all the diminutive elf could manage to grunt as she sucked on orc cock. The third green skinned monster had crept behind her and with little effort, tore her flimsy undergarments away from her. Naked, her white skin stood out from her captors and Modren was able to admire her slender form, her breasts no more than small curves on her chest. Her pussy was bare but even from a distance he could appreciate how delicate and sensitive it looked, a gentle flower that was about to be battered open by monstrous orc phalluses.

Lying on the floor, Modren could feel that he was rock hard despite his conscious mind being appalled at the orc’s treatment of the elf. He resisted the temptation to touch his throbbing cock, feeling sickened and yet very turned on by the scene unfolding before him.

The third orc had followed up by groping Elise’s naked body with his huge green hands. By the way she was moaning, she was clearly enjoying it although he saw her almond shaped eyes pop open when he began to finger her pussy with his thick finger.

“She wet like river,” grinned the orc, his finger the size of a large cock. “She sucks on me like baby.”

The other two orcs grunted with amusement, one of their cocks stuck in her mouth while she jerked the other one, her tiny hand barely going around the pulsing organ. Her eyes were closed and she was clearly enjoying the attention she was getting from the hulking beasts, her moans echoing through the chamber.

After fingering Elise’s pussy for a while, the third orc clearly wanted in on the action so he withdrew and readied his pulsing green cock. Modren gasped to see it push up close to her tiny slit and he swore the beast was going to tear her in two, its meaty head bulbous against her moist opening. With a grunt, the orc pushed and for a few seconds it seemed that it was never going to fit into her. To Modren’s surprise she began to push back on it, encouraging the orc to persevere, his member bending slightly as he applied more pressure to her aching lips. Elise squeaked as the monster pressed against her sex then screamed as she suddenly parted and the enormous organ began its brutal penetration of the helpless elf.

“Heh, you break her Grok, you pay,” grunted the orc who was currently filling Elise’s mouth. The other orc just laughed as he watched the elf squirm between his colleagues. With an orc cock in both her mouth and pussy, Elise thrashed about although Modren was unable to tell whether she was doing so out of pleasure or pain.

“Urk… she tight…” groaned the orc, Elise’s lips clamping down on the orc. Although she moved, it seemed to be to encourage the two orcs to fuck her harder, her back arching to let them go deeper inside. The remaining orc held her tiny hand on his massive prick and kept her jerking it as his colleagues pinned her from both ends.

Modren didn’t want to be turned on. What the orcs were doing was violent and debasing and even though she seemed to be enjoying it, he had no doubt that was because of the vile poison that they had fed to her. He so wanted to dive over the balcony and rescue her but he had no chance against three of them, he had no weapon and would surely die in the attempt. As if feeling guilty for not being able to help her, his rock hard prick ground into the stone floor, a constant reminder of how much he was getting off on seeing the elf fucked from every angle.

“Unnn… she good… so tight! C…c…cumming…!” growled the orc who was fucking Elise’s face. With a bestial roar, the orc ejaculated into Elise’s mouth, the elf’s cheeks bloating as the beast unloaded an inhuman amount of semen into her. She struggled and choked but the orc held her tight, hot rivers of cum bursting from her tightly packed mouth, backing up in her sinuses and exploding from her nose in two hot jets of potent orc seed.