About Morgan Lockheart

Every blog has an about me section and mine is no different.  I am going to keep it short though.


I have been writing for about twenty years now, seriously for about five.  I started writing when I was young and was encouraged to do more of it however it slackened off as I entered adulthood and became distracted by other, somewhat more naughty vices.  You could could say that my experiences gave me plenty of material to write about and I won’t deny that.  As I began to write again, I found myself slipping into sci-fi and fantasy and those began to blend with some of my more deviant urges.


The next step occurred when I encountered online adult roleplay.  Free from visual and societal norms, I was able to indulge many perverse ideas and did so quite frequently.  As self-publishing began to emerge as a viable industry I was inspired to have a go at writing my own erotica which pretty much brings us up to now.  I intend to write as often as I can and use this blog for some of my more wicked thoughts as well as promoting whatever naughty little stories I may publish.  I hope you enjoy them and come back frequently.


Morgan Lockheart