A Rose By Any Other Name…

So, if you’ve been paying attention to my Twitter feed (@MorganLockheart), you might have noticed a few initials disappearing over the past few months.  After reading a few interviews and receiving some helpful advice on self-publishing, I decided that having my first name as D and M was not helping my sales.  Initials can be problematic when trying to find authors online and I’ll admit to being horribly inconsistent with when I use them.  Sometimes I would write D.M.  Others I would use D M and at other times DM.  All of these produce different results when searching it seems.

Therefore, you may now call me Morgan.  That isn’t my real name of course but as one of my favourite literary figures is King Arthur’s occasional tormentor, I thought it was a good choice for a first name.  (In case you’re curious, Lockheart is drawn from my love of Final Fantasy 7)  In the past few months I’ve been updating my books, my online profiles and anywhere else where I had registered as old ‘DM’.  The only place that hasn’t changed is here and that’s a whole other story I’m not going to bore you with.

So from now on, if you’re after some of the finest fantasy filth the web can provide, look me up as Morgan Lockheart, your corrupted purveyor of ultimate filth.