Dominating the Demon out now!

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My latest story, Dominating the Demon, a tale of hellfire, magic and forced impregnation  is now available to buy at both Smashwords and Amazon.


When a powerful demon lord is called forth from the pits of Hell, he is expecting to subjugate the three witches who summoned him and turn them into his succubus servants. However he soon finds that thanks to their cunning plan, they are his masters and he is their slave, bound to pleasure them in any way they choose. Forced to inseminate them with demon spawn, he soon discovers their carnal plan to take his power and steal his infernal throne!


Keep reading for a taste of my latest sordid little story or go to Smashwords or Amazon US or Amazon UK to buy your own copy…


As each remaining thrust became more feeble, Jackie slowed her pace, feeling hot cum seeping from her aching pussy. When the pain of his demonic seed became too much for her to bear, she staggered forward, his horse shaped dick slipping from her with a pop. Despite having just emptied his cum into her, the beast’s dick was still quite firm. Briah grinned as Zoe helped Jackie to a chair.

“Glad there’s still some life in this old boy,” smiled Briah as she took hold of the monstrous member, brown skin closing over red flesh. For a moment the beast wallowed in the pleasure of her hands on him, stroking the thick organ that was still wet from Jackie’s pussy. Seeing him respond and start to grow firmer, Briah got to her knees and started to lick the flat end of the horse shaped dick while her other hand slid down her body and pressed into her pussy.


“You keep thinking that big boy,” sighed Briah, her hand slowly caressing the beast’s cock to full hardness, “just as long as you’ve got some more of that nasty cum in these suckers.” She gripped his bulging sack, feeling them just as hot if not quite as full as before. They were still an impressive size, filling Briah’s palm.

Behind her, Jackie sat on her chair and watched the show. She had her legs tightly pressed together and had a hand on her belly, her mind elsewhere. Next to her, Zoe put a protective hand on her shoulder as Briah took the beast’s cock into her mouth. Despite the thing’s huge size, she handled it expertly, engulfing its monstrous girth easily. It didn’t take long for the beast to start moaning as her lips and tongue brought him to the brink of ecstasy. Briah sucked hard on the monster, her hand rubbing her clit franticly, groaning as she thought about the size of the cock in her mouth. Just like Jackie, she was wondering what his cum would taste like, how it would feel as he squirted his hot load down her throat. Just the thought of it made her squirm even though she normally never liked to swallow and she started to slow, wondering if the beast’s infernal nature was having some kind of effect on her. She took the bestial organ from her mouth and looked up at him only to find the demon looking back down at her.


Briah did not put him back in her mouth though but her hand was still slowly stroking the thick member. She was aware of Zoe standing next to the beast, smiling at him. Was it her imagination or was Zoe enjoying watching her friends get fucked by this monster?

“Nice try,” Zoe purred as Briah stood up and removed her robe, preparing to take the beast’s cock inside of her, “but none of us want to be turned into succubi in your service, thank you. We’ve got far greater plans.” Briah pressed the flat head of the organ against her pussy lips, grunting as it began to penetrate her. The flat tip of his horse like cock felt different to anything she had tried to put in her before but the heat from it was pleasurable and sent tingles through her body.

Zoe watched as the dark skin of Briah’s sex parted to admit the infernal cock. She had planned this little adventure, convinced the girls of how they could subdue the beast and now she couldn’t help but feel incredibly aroused as she watched them fuck the monster that was trapped in their basement. Soon it would be her turn but for now she had to make sure that Briah got her full load and that the demon would not expire or escape before they were done with him.

“YOUR PLANS ARE OF NO USE, YOU WILL ALL SUFFER AS MY WENCHES WHEN I AM FREE!” roared the beast, straining ineffectively against his bonds as Briah took the first few inches of his massive cock into her.

“Tell me, do all Dukes of Hell talk as much shit as you do?” spat Zoe, clearly getting tired of the monster’s threats. She grabbed one of the demon’s furry ears and pulled on it. “Why don’t you just shut up and concentrate on filling her with your cum?”