‘Lover of Dragons’ out now

LOD Scaled

My second monster porn story is out today featuring a beast that is big, scaly and breathes fire.  But is he as dangerous as he appears or does he have other plans for the women that are sacrificed to him yearly?  Betrayed by her village, one woman gets the chance to find out for herself when she is taken to his lair…

Lover of Dragons is available for download from Amazon and Smashwords but here is a little taster to whet your appetite:


The dragon was relentless and it roughly started to shove into Myra, forcing her further into the dirt. Liane wondered if the beast was going to kill her with its dick, splitting the girl in two and rupturing her insides. Slowly though, she seemed to be adapting, her pussy managing to accommodate his monstrous organ. She grunted as more of it thrust into her, inches of broad, red dragon flesh sinking into her cunt, thick rivulets of pre-cum dribbling from her lips as it penetrated her. Liane’s fingers slid across her pussy as she watched Myra’s grimace start to turn into a smile as she realised that she could take this beast inside of her.

Above her, the belly of the beast bore down on her back, the heat from the dragon’s insides warm against her naked flesh. Pyrox had dug his claws into the sand and was staring into space, his concentration entirely focused on penetrating Myra. Liane could see that he was clearly enjoying the experience although he seemed to be exerting a degree of self-control so that he didn’t just lurch forward and split her in half. He was huffing a little too, the taught scaly flesh of his rod slowly sinking into his lover’s soaking pussy.

Liane’s own sex was wet too and she had given up any pretence that she wasn’t getting off on the sight before her. Her hand slid along her moist entrance, probing slowly, dipping into her sex occasionally and brushing across her clitoris. Her breathing was starting to match that of Myra’s as she watched the girl get impaled on the dragon’s massive dick and her urge to cum was building.

“Unnnn… so big…! So.. full!” grunted Myra as she began to raise herself from the sand. She had a defiant look on her face but her fists were still clenched, determined to take as much of the monster’s penis as possible. Despite what must have been extreme discomfort she began to push backwards, more of the dragon’s member gobbled up by her hungry pussy. Liane almost gasped as she saw the giant dick bottom out in her, a bulge forming in her tummy from where its massive girth now sat. Smiling and happy despite the pain, Myra began to move on the organ, letting her stretched pussy pleasure her master. Liane sunk her fingers deep into her cunt, biting her lip to stop herself from groaning as she imagined taking the beast herself. Her two fingers pressed into her but it wasn’t enough, it was never going to be enough until she felt Pyrox’s enormous dick inside of her too.

The dragon had now loosened up too, revelling in being as far as he could get inside of Myra’s sex. His hind legs bobbed and the stiff length of the ruby red cock started to thrust into the girl, causing her to almost loose her balance. Despite his greater size, Pyrox was not unduly rough or demanding. His thrusts were occasionally too big and Myra would jerk forward but she grinned and groaned from each pounding and giggled a few times as she got off on how the dragon was penetrating her human pussy. It didn’t take long for her to start grunting though as the feeling of being impaled on such a huge cock thrust her towards climax.

“Oh gods… oh gods yes… ungh… oh…ohhhh…!” she gasped as her fingers dug into the fine soil, her pussy clenching as an orgasm overcame her.