An Anniversary and a New Release

Number16 2

About one year ago, I decided to put my money where my mouth was and began working on my ambition of becoming an erotica author. I’d spent three months reading up and researching and a further month writing and editing my first story Jungle Tentacle Lust. I can’t stress how much I learnt from other authors’ blogs and how useful some of the self-publishing sites were in providing information about how to get started. I’m still a big advocate of Smashwords and highly recommend them for anyone wanting to learn more about self-publishing. I’m indebted to A. Vivian Vane and One Handed Writers whose websites inspired me to start my career as an erotica author.


How have I done? That’s a relative question. I never thought that I would be like those monster erotica authors who supposedly take home $30,000 a week, hell I didn’t even think I’d earn enough to quit my day job. The money that comes in from writing is a small but welcome addition to my life but then it was never about the money for me. Getting my stories out there, writing, editing and publishing them was always a personal ambition and to have been able to get six stories out there and have other people buy them has been a huge achievement. For someone who started doing this to prove that they could, I think I’ve excelled.


That’s why I decided that my sixth book The Tentacle Monster at Number 16 should be a giveaway. A way of saying thanks to those who have bought my stories, supported me and provided me with a fun year. If you enjoy tentacle monsters and have a sense of humour, I’m sure you’re going to like my upside down take on the typical encounter with such a horny beast. You can get it for free from Smashwords or for a very low price at Amazon if you prefer.


So what now? Well I have no intention of stopping writing, I have plenty of filthy ideas to explore. I’m currently working on my first series, a story about a futanari superhero and her adventures with other superpowered heroes and villains which I hope to have out in the next few months. After that I have an orc gangbang, hopefully the return of fertile dragons and my first step outside of monster erotica, a tale of illicit BDSM. After that, who knows? In the realm of erotica there are so many tempting possibilities and I look forward to exploring every single one of them. Thanks for a terrific year. X