In at the deep end

So about twenty minutes ago, I finally took the plunge.  Deciding that I needed to stop worry about my first book and just get it out there, I hit the publish button and took a step I have been waiting several months to take.  My first book, Jungle Tentacle Lust is now live and ready for download at Smashwords right now. 


To be honest, I’m more than just a little bit nervous.  The perfectionist in me has been picking over details on it for weeks now although I finished editing it ages ago.  Am I too harsh on myself?  Sometimes but I was determined that for my first book I was going to try and make would be something professional in format.  I’m very aware that in the world of self publishing, it’s the little touches that make all of the difference such as a decent cover, a good table of contents and a layout that looks as if one has at least paid attention when researching book formats.


Was there more I wished I could have done?  Of course.  However there’s a fine line between making something perfect and prevaricating over whether to publish or not.  I had devoured so much information over the past few weeks there was a danger that fear would prevent me from getting anything out there.  So to hell with that.  It’s out there now, hopefully being perused by other perverts like myself.  Now to take a deep breath, smile and turn my attention to my next dirty little project…