When Life Stops You From Writing Porn…


2015 started so well.


I had a few stories out, a couple of new ones on the boil and was generating a reasonable level of interest in my work. I’d made some good contacts and was really starting to enjoy my career as an erotica writer. Then real life happened.


Within a period of two weeks I lost my job, was forced to move and several rather vital pieces of equipment decided to compound my bad luck by failing on me. All I can say is that if I sucked as hard as life did during those few weeks, I wouldn’t need a vacuum cleaner at home. With my computer down and my phone dying, I was forced to put my writing on hold while I tried to deal with more essential matters such as a new job, a roof over my head and being able to feed myself. While my life imploded, I had to leave my sordid tales for a few days. Days became weeks, weeks became months and before I knew it, I hadn’t written any smut in ages.


Fortunately, life is full of ups as well as downs and with most of my disaster stricken life now under a bit more control, I can return to doing what I love, namely writing dirty little stories about monsters, tentacles and the sexual depravity one can enjoy with them. The crash may have lost some of my works in progress but I’m slowly restoring them back to their former glory and I should have some new material out before the festive season hits.


As a bold start to my re-energized writing career, I am also going out on a limb this week and attending my first adult fair, the rather magnificent SexPo in London. I intend to meet new people, get new inspiration and hopefully have some rather indulgent fun as well, especially at the after show party. If I don’t see you there, I’ll let you know how it goes. But rest assured, I’m back and new filth will soon be forthcoming! Stay deviant lovelies!