Would You Like To Meet The Tentacle Monster at Number 16?

Number16 2

My latest story of filth and depravity is out!  This time we meet Anna, a dirty minded young lady with an unnatural lust for tentacle monsters.  When one moves into the apartment down the hall from her, she goes to extraordinary lengths to meet and seduce him.  Even better, you can get this story for FREE from Smashwords and at an ultra low price from Amazon!

If you want a little taster beforehand though, let’s join Anna as she receives a special delivery of her own, a large, tentacle shaped dildo…


A parcel arrived for me a few days later but no more post came for Till. Even if it had, I couldn’t really pull the same trick again. Once was cute, twice would have smelt of desperation. Fortunately, as the summer started to heat up, I concocted a new idea but I would have to wait until a particularly hot day to pull it off. Eager as I was to see Till again, I was going to have to be patient. For now, my delivery would have to suffice.

Taking my package upstairs, I locked the door behind me and eagerly tore off the wrapping paper. I had ordered it the moment I’d started to have my suspicions about the man in number 16 but now I had openly flirted with him, I was even more excited to receive it. Inside was a plain box about a foot long and a few inches wide. Opening the box, I grinned to look down at the object inside. A good foot long, the green dildo was curved and shaped like a tentacle, complete with little suckers on its underside. I was wet just from looking at it and I couldn’t wait to get it inside of me.

Shutting the curtains, I unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans, pressing my fingers to my wet slit. I should have washed the dildo first but it felt so good in my hand, so soft next to my skin, I had to know what it felt like. I pulled my panties to one side and teased my cunt with its tip, running it up and down my pussy. The firm yet soft tip felt so good it made me shudder as I leant up against the kitchen counter, it wasn’t long before I plunged the first few inches into my glistening sex, moaning as its curved surface penetrated my flesh.

I started working the green cock against me, pushing it in and out of my cunt, squealing as I felt a sucker tease my lips. Would this be what it would feel like when Till finally fucked me? Were his tentacles like this or were they thicker and more sinewy? Would he be gentle or rough? I couldn’t wait to feel how his tentacles felt against my skin, how they would penetrate my pussy, ass and mouth. Oh how I wanted them, how I wanted to be screwed by his inhuman organs. Take my body, fuck my flesh and blow your inhuman cum into my holes!

“Do it!” I demanded, “Fuck me! Make me cum you bastard! Stuff your spunk into me!” My body was shaking and I was plunging the dildo in and out of me so hard I thought I might bruise myself. I didn’t care, my fingers were no longer enough and this rubber toy could get so much deeper. I felt its knobbly surface rub my insides, sending thrills through me. I was panting and sighing, my grip slipping on the work surface as I pushed myself back onto it, legs splayed and slipping. Moisture ran down my legs and I grunted as I plunged the nasty dick into my cunt with relentless fury. Oh if only there were more tentacle dicks!

I fantasized about being violated by the monster’s writhing organs, sticking into my every opening. I wanted one up my ass, wriggling up my shitter and fucking me like the nasty whore I know I am. And I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I was choking on another of Till’s thick cock tentacles, feeling it blow its sickly load into my mouth, making me gag on its inhuman load.

“Shit yes! I want to drink your cum! Ungh! Ungh! Ahhhhhh!!” I came loudly and noisily, not caring for whether the neighbours could hear me or not. My cunt spasmed and twitched as I shuddered from the powerful orgasm. Juices ran over my hand as I plunged the green dildo as deep as I could into my sex. Finally losing my grip on the counter, I slid to the floor, my legs splayed out to either side, the green dildo popping from my abused sex with a wet pop.

I sat there for a few moments, getting my breath back and enjoying the dying embers of my climax. A small voice in my head was asking me what on earth I thought I was doing fantasising over the monstrous beast next door but I ignored it. I wanted him, I needed him. A conventional lover was never going to be enough for me. I needed to get close and I had an idea of how to do it. I was going to have to wait until the weather heated up but with summer just around the corner, I knew I wouldn’t need to wait long…