Here is where I list all of the books that I have published, a little synopsis and where you can go to buy them.


Jungle Tentacle Lust

JTL Scaled 2

Lost and alone in the jungle, a sole woman must find a way to survive when separated from her camp. She soon discovers that the jungle is alive and the sentient plants that surround her hunger for her body. Can she escape or will she succumb to their lust inducing scent?

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Lover of Dragons

LOD Scaled 2

Sacrificed to a fire breathing dragon by her fearful community, Liane is taken to live with the beast where she soon discovers that there is more to this monster than meets the eye. Rather than the meal she had feared she would become, she instead becomes part of his plan to repopulate the world with his kind, to bear his children, to become the lover of the dragon!

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A Desire for the Dead

DFD3 small

After a virus wipes out humanity and turns the survivors into the living dead, the sole survivor battles to stay alive in the face of extinction. When facing certain death at the hands of a marauding zombie, Emily discovers that she has an unexpected power over the undead. Soon she learns that they still crave human flesh but not in the way she expected…

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Corrupted by Tentacles

CBT1 small

When a novice demon summoner accidentally lets a vicious tentacle demon loose in our dimension, she discovers that it desires not just to take advantage of her but to turn her into a new breed of monster. Fighting the corruption that is altering her mind and body, Jenny must try to stop herself from using her newly grown organ to violate her unsuspecting flatmate…

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Dominating the Demon

DTD2 small

When a powerful demon lord is summoned from the pits of Hell, he plans to turn the three witches who summoned him his succubus servants. He soon finds that thanks to their cunning ruse, they are his masters and he is their slave, bound to pleasure them in any way they choose. Forced to inseminate them with demon spawn, he soon discovers their carnal plan to steal his infernal throne!

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The Tentacle Monster at Number 16

Number16 Small

There’s a tentacle monster at number 16. For his neighbour, Anna, this is a dream come true as she has lusted after them most of her adult life. He’s shy, doesn’t come out much and seems almost afraid of the bold young woman. For once, it’s the tentacle monster who is the hunted as Anna starts her campaign to seduce the fearsome beast and make him her lover!

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