What Makes a Monster?

One of the joys of entering the world of monster erotica is to consider the vast range of monsters that are out there to enjoy.  This week I have been compiling a list of stories I want to tackle and, more importantly, the creatures that I want to feature in them.  Situation and story are one thing but often the tale is woven around my intention of seeing my protagonists screwed by one exotic beast or another.

My list of monsters ‘to do’, if you’ll pardon the expression, keeps growing and with each beast added to the list I have began to wonder just where fantasy ends and monster porn begins.  This came home to me this week when I added the undead to the list, based on a lover’s desire to see me fending off a dozen horny zombies.  Why in a zombie apocalypse the undead would want to fuck my flesh rather than eat it I’m not sure but it certainly got my creative (and other) juices flowing.

Yet it was this scenario which made me begin to question whether it would still count as monster porn.  Just because the monster in question is humanoid and still has a head and four limbs (give or take with zombies) does it make it any less of a monster or any less of a threat?  I enjoy monster porn for the thrill of the beast using the character sexually, especially if the creature is capable of doing the character serious harm.  A lot of the time, this is due to scale and size such as the plant monster from my first book or the dragon in the one I am currently working on but a monster does not have to be big to be a threat.  This came into focus when considering werewolves or vampires as potential mates as well.  Still dangerous but not to the scale of some creatures I could write about.

Which then led me onto my final thought: if we do consider werewolves and vampires to count towards monster erotica then are such popular works as Twilight a bridge to such material?  Has the boom in monster porn been in part to the sudden resurgence of vampires and werewolves in popular fiction, serving a need to do more than just fall in love with the cursed creatures but to satisfy them in every way possible?  If that’s the case then I can’t see monster erotica fading away any time soon but it also means I’m not going to look at the Young Adult section of my local bookstore in the same way again… x